Our mission


Our vision is an inclusive and tolerant society where Roma people too have a chance to reach their goals.

Two-sided responsibility

Equal opportunities? Everyone’s responsible!

The responsibility of the majority is to get rid of stereotypes and to practice integration actively. The responsibility of the minority is to work on one’s own development and to stand up for the community.

Mutual empathy

To listen and to be listened to

We turn openly to both local communities and institutions. We understand their points of view and sensitivities. We work for the development of the community together, according to our shared values.

Non-hierarchical relationship

Benefits make you vulnerable

We offer tools to different groups of society so they can recognize and formulate their needs. We support them throughout the process of development.

Developmental approach

We believe in the possibility of change

Through acceptance and constant dialogue we offer new models to recognize issues and develop coping strategies.

Flexibility, renewal

Our inner drive leads us to creative solutions

We look for and pay attention to new opportunities. Useful ideas are always integrated into our methodology.

Lawful operation

The basis of our credibility is transparency

We can develop stable relationships with communities and institutions through open communication and transparent operation.

Value-based thinking

We are driven by our belief in what we do

We are independent of all political parties and organizations.


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