A program célja a The aim of the program is to improve the skills of 5-13-year-old children and to broaden the mind of volunteers. BAGázs Non-profit Association gives an opportunity to high-school students to fulfil their School Communtiy Service by participating this program.

Since the 1st January 2016 it is required to fulfil 50 hours of community work to obtain a High School Diploma. This is called School Community Service, shortly IKSZ – according to the Hungarian abbreviation.

In 2012, in the same year when the School Community Service was initiated, the IKSZ program of BAGazs was born as well. It is hard to find a more beautiful win-win project like that. In one hand, the children from the Roma settlement of Bag take part in creative activities in the afternoon, instead of loafing on the streets after school. On the other hand, high school students have the possibility to spend the obligatory community service in a challenging project and to get to know a social class, that otherwise they would not meet.

In the course of one week nearly 40 secondary school volunteers organise and carry out small group activities for the children accompanied with (undergraduate) volunteers who support them. Some of the groups are shooting a movie, while others are getting familiar with the world of puppet-shows or writing a fairy-tale book.


A program célja

The goal of the school community service is to improve the children’s self-confidence, self-expression as well as their basic skills and abilities (such as communicative competence, cooperation, attention, fine motor skill,etc) with the aid of the 1,5 hours long creative activities where their individual needs are paid respect to. Beside that, the program gives the students – who mainly come from an elite high school – and the other volunteers from Budapest a chance to broaden their open-mindedness by have an insight into the lives of the Roma people who live in the segregated settlement in Bag.

The creative programs are realized in groups of 6-8 people. Each of the group meet once a week through 15 weeks. The activities always take place at the same venue – the office container of BAGazs at the settlement-, where the same people meet every week: the adult supporter volunteers, the high school students and the children. The supporters and the secondary school volunteers prepare together for the afternoon classes. In addition to this, the supporters´ task is to help the minor volunteers in the upcoming practical and psychological problems as well. The primary duty of the local coordinators is to gather the children in time at the container house.

The program is supported by a creative method and game collection which is evaluated by the Pedagogic Methodology group. The supporters are provided by a 20 hours long online study material, while the high school volunteers get an 8 hours long training. The supporters gather in every two week where they discuss and find solution for the upcoming issues and problems..

The number of the participators is constantly increasing. Presently there are 40 secondary school students, 20 supporter volunteers, 5 local coordinators and 90 children from the settlement; so altogether approximately 150 people are involved in our community service program.

Zita Jámbor

Zita Jámbor

Program manager

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Ildikó Kanalas  - Katrin

Ildikó Kanalas - Katrin

Local program Coordinator

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