Volunteering at BAGÁZS


Become a member of BAGÁZS! If you agree with our goals and think that you could contribute to them in any way — with your time, energy, knowledge or anything else — apply to be a volunteer at us!

Regular volunteering

We need volunteers to run our projects in Bag. Currently we have about 120 volunteers working in the settlement. If you would like to become a member of our volunteer team and work towards our aim on a regular basis, browse our current volunteering opportunities.

Instant one-day volunteering


If you don’t have much free time or can’t make long-term commitments but at the same time you don’t mind office work then apply for our instant one-day volunteering. We need volunteers for a wide range of tasks including translating texts, updating our webpage, buying material, packing as well as administrative tasks and mail delivery.

The instant one-day volunteering takes place in our Budapest office.

Pro Bono volunteering

Use your skills to support a good cause! Apart from our current, specific volunteering opportunities we are continuously looking for people who can help us on a regular or one-off basis. We are looking for handymen for smaller works in the settlement and also for people who are skilled in graphic design, photography, filmmaking, scriptwriting, web development, bid writing or event management. Let us know about how and when you could help us and we will get back to you soon.

Volunteering application form

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Ha önkéntesként nincs rá lehetőséged, támogasd a BAGázs munkáját egyszeri vagy rendszeres adományoddal! Válaszd ki a neked leginkább megfelelő támogatási formát, és kerülj fel Te is Támogatóink egyre bővülő listájára!